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I have a creak.

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A couple days ago the old bike developed an audible and periodic creak. I've narrowed it down to the crank/BB area. The parts are fairly dated - a few years old I'd say. Suntour crank with riveted rings and a brandless BB. The creak makes itself known at the top of every pedal stroke on the drive side. I can feel it in the pedals and its loud enough to hear. I cleaned off and lubed the moving parts without taking it apart but the creak persists. Anyone have an opinion?

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Take it apart and service the bottom bracket .
Was hoping to avoid that. Oh well.
Could be the seatpost too. Seatpost sounds often travel all the way down the sea tube to the BB too.
Try another set of pedals too....just to narrow it down further.
I just fixed this exact problem and I have the same setup. Pulled the BB and the drive side bearing cage was bent. One new bearing, greased everything and all is well.

With the right tools this is a 30 minute job, and I am a novice.... has a nice video on the subject.
Had a creak that was happening on the drive side top stroke, went through EVERYTHING (including the hubs!) to no avail.....................

Removed the pedals and greased the threads- fixed it, after months of chasing the click/creak.

Something else to try-
Thanks for the suggestions. Took the pedal off and apart to find one of the bearing shells was crushed. Literally fell out in chunks when I took the cap off. The rest of the bearing sticks off the spindle in jagged edges so now the pedal doesn't quite sit level while under pressure and the creak persists. It only happens when the drive side pedal is under pressure (which is now understandable). After a few tests, the crank/bearing seem to be in proper working order.

Time for new pedals, it seems.
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