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I had to laugh!

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I was looking thru US ebay when i noticed a new Bullit for sale. It said it came with a floating brake but in the first pic i couldnt see the carbon fibre arm, on closer inspection this is what i found! Looks like he's put it on upside down and on wrong side of the seat tube. Also looks like its kinked the brake hose. Though ive gotta wonder if it worked OK?
Its the green Bullit, ive put a pic of my Bullit up to show where it should be.
I think the lesson here is: read the instructions!:D
Thought you Bullit heads might find it funny, i did:thumbsup:


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C'mon can admit it. That green one is really your Bullit and first attempt at installing your floating brake arm. That's a nice photoshop paint job you put on there.:lol:

Seriously though, all of us have buggered up some aspect of working with new componentry at one time or another. And no...I did not install my Nixon reverse arch fork backwards, thinking it was that new G2 fork geometry deal.:D
Lol. Yeh im pretty unko at the best of times! And ive done some silly things too and dont get me wrong im not saying im not stoopid! I just like pointing out that others are stupid too, you know to take the heat off me for a bit;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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