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i'm schralping yer thread
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Holy schnitz...that article is Teh EPIC. :band:

Starts with this killer lede:

TRAIL CYCLING-riding a bike over dirt, gravel or grass-is more exciting than hiking, less dangerous than rock climbing and requires only basic skills. And from coastline to plain to mountain range, trails are multiplying.
Just gets better and better:

The difference between the numbers involved may sound trivial: Mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels-so-called 29ers-have been the standard for 15 years. Yet this spring, whole fleets of new bikes with 27.5-inch wheels are rolling out. That blade-of-grass-length difference is dividing the best minds and loudest voices in mountain biking.
And how about this insightful recommendation?:

THE ASPHALT KING | Jamis Dragon Pro

This is what Mr. Pacenti would ride if he lived in New York. It's a hard-tail bike, meaning it has no rear suspension, which enables it to accelerate quickly-perfect for the stop-and-go pace of city streets, as well as stunts on country trails.
Hope the east coast peeps are ready for the onslaught of finance-industry dbags "Trail Cycling" on their pimped-out Mojos.

(I feel for you Kurt -- I'm guessing this not the copy you would have written...)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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