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bought a 07 rockhopper...was fitted at a trek dealer for a 18" trek 4300.....the 19.5 felt a little tight.

so anyway ended up liking the specialized shop didn't have a med. frame they just had a 15" and a 19" i assumed neither would fit so didn't even try.

called around and found by phone a 17"/med. rockhopper went tp pick it up they had it ready etc.. didn't fitm e or nothing i figured should be the right size.. and it most likely is for me BUT i have more room with the way this bike is made than i did with the 18" trek.

I just wonder if I coulda rode a 19" in this certain bike..?

I'm 5ft 8" tall and wear a 30" length in pants so I don't know..I will say this being 5ft 8" yanno isn't tall at all but for MY height my legs are considered fairly long when compared to my torso.

anyone know of any people that normaly ride a 17/18" med. frame going to a 19" frame on this certain rockhopper bike?


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most folks are going to tell you not to worry about the standover height too much....

more important is the ett length and to some extent the cockpit length (which is 'adjustable' through stem length...and by setback post if necessary, but most will tell you to set the standard seatpost first, then figure stem length/rise to set your cockpit).

if you don't feel too cramped, and you're getting the proper leg extension with enough seatpost in the seat tube, then i'd say you got the right size! now go get it dirty.

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5'8" here as well, with a 30" inseam, also with an 07 hopper.

The standover feels a bit tight to me. The cockpit feels a bit short.

Ive got the seat all the way back and thinking about ordering a longer stem to try and tailor it just right.:eek:
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