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I gotta say

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I was a fan of the HL, and actually did "believe" the recent ad Specialized put out last summer/fall like a 3-page ad that had simplified diagrams of like every suspension design out there and why they didn't match up or weren't fully active and fully independent like their HL. Now, I am starting to think different.

I did just get one of the last HL 5-Spots, and will be happy with it if I build it up
(might sell to get an even longer travel bike).

I guess it depends on the overall design of the bike.
For example, I had a RM Slayer last year and did not care for its semi-active nature, some brake jack and lock up on stutter bumps braking downhill, at speed. I also had a Kona kikapu with the link on the seatstay and it did not exbhiti those tendencies.

One detail I do like on the new TNT is that the droputs are solid, not machined out - just seems stronger and stiffer - although I am told and belive the HL droputs are plenty strong and there was never a problem, still......
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There was a lot of stuff in that specialized add that was blatently wrong, like "vertical axle path" and "no caliper rotation", amongst other things. That add was one of the worst things that specialized has ever done.
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