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I haven't been around MTBR for about 2 months because
1. It's winter and I can't ride, and
2.I was busy with work/pissed off all the time.

Anyway, I was laid off on January 16th from my first job after college. The pay sucked for what my degree is (computer science). The owner and senior managers were verbally and emotionally abusive (intimidation, threats, insults). I hated being in that environment and watching other people being abused. I was never abused, but still I hate being around that crap. The low pay and no respect was really hurting my self esteem.

They were pleased with my work, but it was a hostile environment for me. I really didn't care anymore. They laid 4 of us new people off. I had worked there the longest of the 4 of us, about 5 months. I think this will end badly for this old company because the people they outsourced our jobs to have a bad reputation and are always late and over budget. I hope they go out of business because the owner is such a narcissistic *****.

I really think this was a blessing in disguise because as soon as I was laid off, my depression went away. I went on unemployment benefits and moved back to my parent's house a week ago and it's been wonderful to have a month off to just relax and play with the dogs. I had my first interview since losing my job on Wednesday, and I got the job! :)

The job is at a tool manufacturer in Rochester Hills, MI (northern suburb of Detroit). They makes automotive diagnostic equipment for commercial trucks, tractors and heavy equipment. My job will be programming the diagnostic equipment.

I will be working for the recruiting agency on a 4-6 month contract and then the company can hire me if they have enough projects going on (and are satisfied with how I am doing). The salary is nearly double what I was making at my old job, and is very fair for what I am doing. Now I can afford to buy new bike parts and be completely independent from my parents. :)

Right now I am trying to find a place to live and will probably start working in 2-3 weeks. Anybody know how the riding is in the northern Detroit suburbs? :)
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