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For the past few years, I've been riding on a KHS Alite 300 that I converted to singlespeed after a while. I was riding in the Bay Area, so it wasn't exactly too tough on the bike and components. And then a month ago, I moved up to University of Nevada, Reno. There are actual rocks and trails and stuff here, so the riding kinda beat the snot out of my bike. Eventually, it got to the point where the fork lowers would rock back and forth on the stanchions every time I braked or went over a bump.

So I sent an email to my team, asking if anyone had a spare fork laying around for sale. I got a reply: "I have a SID fork, but I won't sell it alone. I just got it completely rebuilt by RockShox. I'll sell you the entire bike for $400."

The new bike is a Devinci Desperado. Not sure on the year, but it's an older one. I just took it out for a test ride this afternoon, and I think I'm in love yet again. It's going to be weird riding a bike with some higher-end stuff, though. In addition to the SID Team fork, it's got a full XTR drivetrain, as well as some Cane Creek WAM wheels. The only thing that hurts is that I'll have to sell my KHS to make room for the Devinci. The KHS has served me well, but I don't think my roommates would appreciate having two bikes in our room, in addition to the two other bikes in my bike lockers. The lockers are too small to fit two bikes.

I did like racing my singlespeed KHS beater bike, but I like being competitive too. I've got a race at Humboldt this weekend to actually test the Devinci out.

Goodbye KHS. You were a great sled. But I like the Devinci better.
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