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I found a new home....

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...and it is on top of a new Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc 29. I have been stressing over what to do, fix my old bike, build a new one, buy a new one. Well today was the day. I had my old bike out on a local trail and every time I went up hill the chain would jump and then finally while going up a steep incline it finally just snapped. I have been having issues with the bike for a while and today was just the icing on the cake.

So I walked the bike out and my buddy and I headed out to one of the local shops and they had several bikes. I took the Rockhopper out for a test spin and it felt great. I know the Dart 3 fork is not a good clyde fork but I figure I can swap it out later. The price was decent at $850 which is about $100 cheaper than the same bike at another shop I was in last week. I asked if they could do better on the price and they said they could go down to $820. So I told them I would take it. When the guy was ringing it up he mistakenly charged me $620 so I told him he was charging me too little and he was so appreciative that I told him he knocked another $40 off actual price so I got the bike for $780 out the door.

Go back out on the trail and boy what a day and night difference between the new 29er and the old 26er. I am truly a believer now. I was riding fast and smoother and having no issues staying on the trail. logs, roots, mud where all no challenge. I could tell a difference in tight turns and uphill sections but those issues I think will iron themselves out with more experience and better fitness.

So if it is not obvious, I am VERY happy with the purchase and I so far would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a 29er. Time will tell how well the stock components hold up but so far so good. I was just excited so I had to tell some people. I'll get the obligatory pics up soon as it just started raining.
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When I was looking at bikes, I was stuck between that one and the Cannondale 29er4. I ended up with Cannondale because I liked the brakes better. Still like to look at those bikes when I go to the shop though, the paint is really cool.
I almost got a Cannondale but it just didn't fit me right. Very nice bike but it wasn't for me. The Rockhopper felt really good to me. I do wish the components were a little better, especially the fork but I am happy non-the-less.
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