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First, allow me to say HI AGAIN to everyone on here since I haven't posted in a while. Second, I find it hard to believe, that since it's clear to me that Italy had two Motocross Motorcycle brands for brake/clutch levers where one partially resembled the old MAGURA Power Levers, the Tommaselli's and where one FULLY resembled them, the Lusito's, that Germany didn't have an equivalent brand to Tommaselli since LUSITO would ACTUALLY be Italy's MAGURA brand, not TOMMASELLI. I have pictures to prove my point.

See that the MAGURA and the LUSITO's have a much more identical lever clamp design than the TOMMASELLI ones?

And another thing: why didn't the original mountain bike manufacturers that knew about TOMMASELLI not know about LUSITO? I REALLY FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE :) :thumbsup::skep:

And if West Germany (at the time that Magura's were stamped West Germany, not Germany) had an identical equivalent brand, not MAGURA, to TOMMASELLI, what was it? Can we find out somehow?


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