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I finally busted out my GoPro HD

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Unfortunately it doesn't look like the video uploaded nearly as crisply as the original was....

Untitled from Clayton Petree on Vimeo.
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I've been saving mine as HD and the quality is much better. Even the 960p upload is kinda fuzzy.
cool snow video!

so the solution is to video in 1080? i don't like the FOV in 1080 as much...

anyway... kenbentit... you could post a recent example or two...:p
Nice video, but the WORST soundtrack to accompany it.
That music is atrocious........

But the video was cool.
Having the camera angled up more would help too. I've been reading that people seem to need to mount it upside down to get it angled up enough that the handlebar isn't right in the middle of the FOV as in your video. Looks like a fun ride though.

No comment on the music, I left the sound off due to the previous comments...
DLd said:
Having the camera angled up more would help too.
i kinda like the camera angled down. if the center is too high i really can't get a sense of the terrain the bike is actually rolling on... maybe 'cause of the fisheye effect? also, i think the bars give it perspective as well... but i guess in this case angling it a little higher would help you see the horizon a little more...

anyway gticlay... hope to see some spring videos soon!... :thumbsup:
I'm finally getting back to some more "fun" riding now, spent the last 9 weeks letting my knee recover form the latest mishap. Hoping to get some video in this weekend....
Today the snow was sort of melting and it was soooo slippery. Would have been a super boring vid.
gticlay... i didn't think y'all got that much snow... anyway, we've been inthe 60s...:thumbsup:

kenbentit... i hope you weren't forced to road ride again...
I was on the road a little but mainly doing XC type rides. Not that I don't like cranking out 30 mile rides but I really need some tech/gnar to keep me interested. Feels really good to get the big bike out again :yesnod:
Here a couple more vids. Standard Def though:

I mostly ride in a "working forest" where the private land owner allows us to ride on the property. Unfortunately, they will be harvesting where these trails are in the next couple of days and will be unrideable for quite some time. So I busted the camera out last night to film a couple of trails that are fun to ride. The first one is called Candy or Rock Candy. It doesn't start until about 1:10 in the video because I hit the top of another trail called SST first. Candy is a fun little XC trail with some optional jumps here and there. An old log ride on the left side at one point that is now to old to ride. The second one is SST from the 'original entrance' before it was extended and all the way down back behind the development. That trail is super fun and more AM.

Sorry about the music - I just threw on whatever fit time wise. Actually, the music on Candy is a bootleg you won't hear anywhere else.


Untitled from Clayton Petree on Vimeo.


Untitled from Clayton Petree on Vimeo.
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very cool trails:thumbsup: (or former trails:( )...

2 questions:

1) what is that white framed bike?
2) how come it doesn't upload as HD? mine seems to automatically?
dog said:
very cool trails:thumbsup: (or former trails:( )...

2 questions:

1) what is that white framed bike?
2) how come it doesn't upload as HD? mine seems to automatically?
That's my Nomad
I recorded at SD... didn't really have time to make sure it was on the right setting.
thought it might have been a phoenix with an sc fork :p
no snow

I'm envious of your lack of snow. I'm only 50 miles north of the Washington border and as soon as you leave town, there is snow. I went up to my little trail last week and hit 16" of snow at the top and that is only at 800m. I can't even venture to the main trailset.
Oh well, in 3 months I'll be complaining it isn't dropping below 105F.

GTI, I enjoyed your teaser vids. Everything is a teaser for me since I have to keep waiting.
Ignore my earlier *****ing, mountain just got puked on so we went boarding and it was the best day of my year.
It's only March, biking can wait a few weeks.
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