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Before I get into the story of this morning’s commute, allow me to give part of the back story. Below is an excerpt from the thread I made about a German guy I often encounter on my morning commutes:

Solomon76 said:
…There is a German guy that commutes in the mornings about the same time as I do. I usually see him on the trail about once or twice a week. I've never spoken a word to this German guy, but somehow we've established a telepathic mutual understanding that WE HAVE TO RACE anytime we see one another. The only problem (for me) is that he smokes me on the uphills. I can keep up with him on the flats, but the race is usually over shortly after we hit a nice sized hill…
Fast forward to today. As I got to the top of the first hill of my commute, I saw my old German buddy. He was standing straddled over his bike drinking from his water bottle. I slowed down as I passed him to see if he was going to hop on his bike and give chase. Just as I figured, he started riding after me. I continued to ride slower than I could have to give him a chance to close the distance some because I knew that he was unprepared to race when I passed him. I didn’t let him completely catch up because I was pretty sure that he’d end up catching and me on the next hill anyway. Once I thought he was close enough, I started peddling for my life. Every now and then I would look back and I would see his light shining. Once I made it over the next hill, the road curved a little so I could no longer see how far he was. At that point, I was kind of surprised that he hadn't caught me yet but I continued riding my bike like the bogyman was chasing me. When I finally made it to the point where we go separate directions, I stopped and rode in circles to see him coming up the final hill. At some point he must have given up chasing me because there was no way that he would have been more than a half a minute or more behind me had he continued to ride as fast as he could.

It was kind of a hollow victory for me because I’m not sure if he was at 100% today. I began to think that he wouldn’t have been stopped on his bike had he not been feeling under the weather. Either way, I’m sure that he will make me pay for it the next time I see him.
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