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I changed the head angle of my 6.6 - awesome!

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Following on from a former thread - I went and had some new shock spacers made for my 6.6. At both ends, I had them made with the hole off-set as far as was possible (leaving enough metal around the hole in other words). In the end this amounted to just under 5mm combined (about 2.5mm off-set on each end of the shock). Sorry for the lack of picks but I can't be bothered pulling them off the bike and taking pics. I also didn't measure the BB height before vs after nor do know how to go about accurately measuring the head angle.

What I can tell you is that the result is fantastic. The HA is now perfect for an AM bike. I have an SS as well and i was not looking to get the 6.6 as slack as that. However, the plus minues one or so degree slacker head angle is very noticable as is the lower BB. All in all - it jus feels "right" where as it always felt almost right before. You just get that extra 10% confidence in hitting a corner hard or letting it rip on a steep DH.

If there is enough interest - I can get some made up and sell them. They were expensive as a one-off but the engineering place said the price would come down by as much as 50% if I wanted a bunch of 'em.
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I'm in!
I've inquired to a couple sources for getting these, but nothing happened.

I'd love to see the HA and BB height measurements after this was done.
Might be interested in these.

As Zark; let us know HA & BB with your fork and HS.
is it the same size spacers for the socom? if so i might be interested as well.

what kind of price are we looking at?
Definately interested in a set for a Socom. Would you post them to the UK?
Sorry but cant be done on the Socom using this method as the Socom uses and 8mm bots which means there is no room to have it off-centre.
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