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so i have a POS full suspension mountain bike and ive ridden a couple trails around my area but i like the sport and want to get more into it. So i was noticing when i rode my bike (full suspension) and my sisters bike (no suspesion) that i could get more of my energy to the floor on the no suspesion. So i decided that i needed a hard tail but, i want to get one that has up to date stuff (like a disc ready frame) that i can upgrade it if i want to but also inexpensive. some bikes i was told to look at were:
specialized rock hopper
"" hardrock
trek 8 something
and i like my dads older gt which i thoguht they made a nice one as well.

so please help me by giving expierence/ advice and my budget is about $300 used (probably going to buy off of craigslist for seattle).

i may also just get a regular no suspesnion bike and put a rock shock on it and then make the drive gears only 1 gear cause that is all i really use on the trails, i just put the left side in 1 and the right i move about freely?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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