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i am looking for a nice hardtail

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I am looking at an azonic fiend frame but i am not quite sure. My type of riding is in the beginner range i ride street and quite a few trails. Right now i am riding an kona stuff. If anyone has any information on the azonic fiend or any other hardtail will you let me know
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nothing is really wrong with it. It is just an old frame. It is a 2000.
Looks beefy in the steer departmen but kinda flexy in the dropouts. Check the DJ/Urban forum, there are alot of good people like ebfreerider510 & XSL_WiLL who are very helpfull. :thumbsup:
kicker66609 said:
thanks for the help
If either one of those guys give you a hard time let me know i'll straighten them out. :D:cool:
ok thanks for the support peace
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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