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Currently in Minot AFB, ND (58704)
Light Snow and Windy Feels Like
Dew Point: 19°F
Humidity: 53%
Pressure: 30.26 inches
Wind: From the Northwest at 30 gusting to 35 mph
Local Radar | Map Room
Today: Windy. Variable clouds with some rain or snow showers expected. Cold. High 41F. Winds NW at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of precip 30%. Tonight: Windy with rain and snow showers this evening becoming mostly cloudy overnight. Cold. Low 19F. NW winds at 20 to 30 mph, diminishing to 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 30%.

It's not the temp so much as the WIND! We have had 20+mph winds for most of the last few weeks! Once you are out on the road, there is no place to hide from this wind. I would go out and ride some trails, BUT.... the only trails around here are less than 3 miles long, and a 40 minute drive away. They are not worth the drive. I am working on a new trail, but it is also exposed, so it will be no place to go when the wind is bad either.

Sorry to vent, but I am very tired of grunting along against the wind, or hiding inside and riding the torture trainer. It has been a LONG winter (they are always long winters up here) and I just want to get out and have a nice ride. ND seems to be conspiring against me.

I need some nice weather vibes to head up my way from somewhere down south! Just don't send them on the WIND!
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