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I weigh in the region of 200 lbs and on my new 5 inch bike I specced Crossmax STs. The bike, me and the STs didn't get on from the start. I had to get custom parts machined just to fit the strange dropout arrangement on the bike, but worse than that they didn't ride well. Over bigger hits they were fine, but the bike had a lot of compression damping on the rear suspension and on small trail debris the wheel tended to just skip out of the way sideways. Very unnerving and not good to ride.

Before I figured out the compression damping thing, I started making plans for a replacement. My standard wheel build for a while has been 819s on Hope Pro II with DT Competition 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes 32 3-cross, but I'

ve done it a bit too often to get too excited about it. I found the LBS had some Hope Pro III Hoops with the DT Swiss rims and one had been dropped and dented; the pair were going cheap. I did the spoke length calculations and worked out I could rebuild with the straight pull equivalent spokes and 819s.

Job is done and the rear comes in at... 20g lighter than the Hope Pro II 819s standard build, with the weight saving confined to the hub.

So... completely pointless. Pretty, but pointless and significantly more expensive than doing the standard build.

Anybody else ever built some pointless wheels?
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