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Hey Chumba,

I liked the look of the new HX2 29er frames, but there are a few lingering questions I don't see answered on your site or in forums. Anyone know?

- The marketing states it was designed around a 5-inch fork, but the geometry lists that it was measured using a 100mm fork. If you instead publish the axle-to-crown measurement that the frame is designed around with the geometry, it would be easier to understand how it might ride with various forks. If the "100mm fork" is a Reba and it was measured without accounting for sag that could mean 510mm, then the real geometry would be radically different from the specs if you put on say a Fox F29 100mm fork with an actual riding axle-to-crown of around 480.

- Most 29er frame specs I see list "BB drop" as opposed to, how much lower the plane of the bottom bracket is, relative to the line of the hub-axles. This takes the tires out of the question, and if it is based off of a fork axle-to-crown spec then it is clear how high/low the BB really will ride with a given setup. What is the BB drop?

- What type of EBB is it? It looks Bushnell-ish but not quite, is it your own design? If so, is it an expanding wedge, or set-screw, other?

- Approximate frame weight?

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Canyonrat, 2009 Reba 100 mm axle-to-crow is 506 mm.

In comparaison, Minute 100 mm is 510 mm, Fox 100 mm is 501 mm and WB 110 mm is 510 mm.

I think that the measurement of the head tube angle, for example, is without SAG (like a lot of other brands).

To have the same geometry of your actual bike you can change your headset. There is a big difference between a Cane Creek ZS-6 short with a 14 mm stack height and a NC17 Imperator Pro with a 32.3 mm stack height.

For the BB height, I'll give you mine (with type of tires) when my bike will be build.

For the EBB type looks this picture :

The frame weight is approximatively 4.2 lbs in L size.
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