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hutchinson cougar?

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Anyone try this tire yet? Saw pics from Interbike, i'd like to try it on the front (2.4" tubeless version). nobody seems to have them in stock yet, and its not on hutchy's website yet. anyone have any info on when available, or does anyone have one yet, and do you like it?
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I've just installed a 2.2" Hardskin Tubeless version. It weighed 806 grams and measured 52.3mm (casing & tread) on a Notubes ZTR355 rim. It aired up with a track pump and no sealant without issue. I also have a 2.2" Tubeless Light version that weighed 700 grams. I'm in Australia so can't help you on USA availability.

I've done one ride, 90km, on it as a rear tyre. I expected it to grip well but was somewhat surprised by its speed. Very fast in a straight line for having such nob height (I'm used to dry tyres like Racing Ralphs). Singletrack terrain was loose, damp soil with wet roots. It bit really well into the corners and held onto wet roots very well. I wouldn't choose it for sticky mud though as I don't think it would clear very well. I'd describe it as a Nobby Nic with a little extra cornering grip.
Still Assessing

I recently purchased, through e-bay, two 2.2 tubeless ready, hardskins. Mounted them front and rear on the XM819s of my hardtail. I needed to use my compressor, and had to pump up to at least 35 psi for a few seconds to get that "pop" (could not easily use a floor pump). But they seem set once mounted.

After only 20-25 miles, they seem OK. The rear digs in sufficiently on the short ups, which is pretty much my only requirement of a rear tire on the hardtail. The front is OK in turns, but I am used to wider tires, and either "stickier" (Kenda 2.3 BGs) or "grabbier" (Hutch 2.3 Barracudas) tires. They are faster that those tires though.

When I get some more miles in, I may post up a more thorough review (with pictures even, if I can figure that out).

FYI, I ride in southern AZ, with lots of rocks, gravel, loose over hard, and sand. And they are NOT 2.2 on my wheels. They are a bit over 2.0. I weighed them at 680g.

All the models are described on the Hutchinson french site (wasn't too difficult to understand).
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clydecrash said:
And they are NOT 2.2 on my wheels. They are a bit over 2.0.
Could you measure them with a caliper and post an exact measurment please?
Alright, what I measured very carefully on my very expensive ($4.00) calipers:

Casing width 51mm/2.0in.
Tread width 53.5mm/2.1in.
Casing height 45mm

Again, that is on a Mavic XM819.
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