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Hurricane in December

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Hi all,
Any riding in Hurricane/St George around Christmas, or can I expect it to be snowed in?

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It can snow in St George, but it is very rare. You can pretty much count on being able to ride with no issue around Christmas.
Awesome, thanks!
Might be windy AF though, Hurricane(pronounced locally Hurruhkin or Hurrkin) earns its name.
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Also, the mesas (Gooseberry, Little Creek, Guac) can be hit or miss during the winter depending on recent storms. Little Creek is at about 6000 ft elevation (Goose around 5500), so more prone to weather than STG proper. The roads into Goose and Guac get nasty when wet. Check in with Over the Edge in Hurricane for current conditions. They will always point you in the right direction as far as what is ridable.
If the "east side" of Washington County is snowy, the west side (Beaver Dam Wash, Joshua Tree national natural landmark, and Bloomington Hills areas are all much lower in elevation and almost always snow free

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Just a quick update to this post.

Our forecast shows a significant amount of rain coming our way. That will equal snow in the higher areas. There's a very good chance that almost everything will be a no go for the next week +.

Prospector/Church Rocks and the Boy Scout trails should still be ok. They will still have large puddles on them though. Don't be that person who widens a trail by riding around the puddles. Plan to get wet if you go out.

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I am a maybe for this next week myself. I would expect it to be cold. I tent camped over Thanksgiving last year and it was 16 degrees when we woke up, and windy. Had to start the car to heat the butane tank just so we could cook breakfast in "Herkin".

Yeah, I got schooled by a 14 year old at the park for saying it wrong
I had hoped to ride there last weekend on my way home from the Grand Canyon. There was snow down to the JEM trailhead(s). Was heading north from there so didn't see what St. G was like.
FYI just rode Prospector/Church ahead of the rain. Pretty cool. We’ll see the rest of this weekend.
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