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Just wanted to let the good folks at 24HOA know that they did a great job at this weekends race. As a Norcal race promoter I know how much work goes into doing 3 hour races, the work required to do this must be incredible. There was talk of crappy course conditions but I was able to ride all of the course and thought it was great. There was a lot of work that needed to be done to that course to make it enjoyable for us racers, 24HOA did an outstanding job and should be commended for it. This was my first time riding in SoCal and my first 24 hour event and I think the course was well suited to the demands of the race, not too hard nor too easy. I think everyone there had a great time on course.
Also a big thanks to the volunteers out there, having some dude in a cheerleader outfit cheering you on at three in the morning was outstanding, everyone there was real supportive of us Solo's and it really helps! The park staff there was a real surprise as well, nothing beats having supportive land managers, any of you who have been shot down by your local park staff can relate to this.
Once again thanks to all of you folks out there who made my first 24 a real experience.
Sean Allan, Male Solo winner
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