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Huntsville guys

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Hey guys, I dont know if there is an introduction thread, but im new on MTBR, but not new to biking. Btw, Im Jake I live in Huntsville, AL, and ride a specialized pitch. I was wondering if anyone has ridden wagon trail from burrit museum to blossomwood? And also next Saturday as long as it isnt raining a couple of us are gonna blaze the family trail then probably mountain mist or somthing fun, If anyone wants to ride hit me up.

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I want to go riding with yall but I have to work since we have one of the biggest hockey tournaments coming to town. Oh well. Keep us all posted, and maybe I'll be able to ride with you guys one day.
Do you work at the Muncipal ice complex in Huntsville?
Yes sir. It ain't the best job but, it pays for biking so that means I'm happy with it.
Wagon is one of my favorites! We used part of it for the Rock-n-Roll route at the Oct Festival.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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