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Hummer bike?

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Anyone know anything about this bike?
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I'm going to say its junk and probably weighs as much as a real hummer.
Under $200 for full suspension (a "DH" bike at that) is just gonna be scary. Stay away, far far away.
I saw the hummer bike in automobile mag when it first came out. It's a piece of crap. So is the BMW bike, the Ferrari bike and the VW bike. The only car/bike combo I've seen that is any good is the subaru/fisher bike. They paired up with the hifi 9.9. How awesome is a 10G bike on a 25G car.
Generally, these are no name bikes with questionable components. They license a name because it's cheaper than buying good parts. I'd say wait for a name brand bike with good components, then check here for price, because a lot people on CL know they're selling to newbies, and ask premium prices for older mid range bikes. Caveat emptor.
firstcut said:
I'm going to say its junk and probably weighs as much as a real hummer.
that's pretty light for a DH bike!!

Generally speaking,at least here in Portland,Or.,good deals on bikes in Craigslist are very rare.The only "deals" I've seen are for expensive Freeride/DH bikes,or less expensive,in the $1500 range for maybe a little less than half.BTW.If you have to ask about the the post here on department store bikes.One more funny thing I see on Craigslist all the time is like an $89 bike new selling for $75 used! If you have really limited funds,check out yard/garage/estate sales and maybe bring a friend that knows bikes.Happy hunting.
I didn't get to see the posting but I think I remember the bike. I believe that the bike was made by Klein Bikes.

The VW bike was a Trek bike.

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