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I just wanted to thank all the people who I meet on my trip down to NM-- the trip was awsome - thanx to Rob, Chris and Paula, Neal, Gary, Bryan, Ricky, and Vidal-- everybody I meet was so cool and stoked on sharing their area with me-- I will be coming down to NM again hopefully soon!! If anybody is coming up to Denver CO or riding the DH up in the mountains W of Denver let me know so I can return the favor.

Just to sum up my trip
1st day- Angelfire- meet Rob from Texas and rode with him for a great bumpy day
2end day- Meet Chris and Paula, Neal, and Gary at Pajaito -- rode to the top and dropped in on Airraid and Battelfield and then sessioned the jump park and skills area-- super fun stuff-- Chris and Paula also shuttled me on a trail below the ski area and showed me true hospitality.
3erd day- found the Well in Santa Fe but being alone (all the dads were with their fam's on Sunday) and temps reaching my breaking point opted not to ride and enjoyed the scenery instead of falling and dying alone in the desert;)
4th day- Bryan, Ricky and Vidal took me down an incredable, long, single track ride in the mountains of Abq. Bryan was good enough to PM me directions to camping which helped with my lack of planning :thumbsup:

For being a short and spur of the momement trip I felt I did pretty well- next time I will plan it out a little more but this trip was still one of my best bike trips to date!!

Thank you again New Mexican's !!
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