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I don’t know the right section for this thread so if the mod wants to move it he can.

I am an American living and working in Mian Yang, Sichuan, China. I teach Marketing and Management at a Business in University (I teach in English my Chinese is rubbish).

Over the past 6mths I have been in the Process of researching and buying a MTB bike.

I was worried about buying fakes and imperfects (items when manufactured didn’t meet the company’s tolerances).

Recently I wanted to take this chance to give a huge shout out to the guys and gals over at the Topeak/Ergon.

I wanted to buy the GX1 grips in white. I was able to find them in black but not in white in China.

When I buy something I want to buy want I want. I don’t like to settle for something because they don’t have it in stock or whatever reason they give me. I work hard for my money and I want what I want.

So I dropped a line to the Ergon rep that posts on this forum. He then directed me to their Taiwanese distributor. I contacted her and she directed me to their Chinese distributor. I was then directed to their regional distributor. I talked to him personal via telephone and he worked out everything for me. If all goes according to plan I will get my new grips in two days from the LBS here. All of this in under 5 business days.

I have a Trek 8500 right now. I was debating on Trek 8500 or Cdale F1. Trek customer service was fine but nothing to the level of personalization that Topeak did. C’dale never even returned my e-mail. I had to get my information from one of their dealers in Singapore.

So if I ever need to decide to buy something from Topeak or from one of their competitors I will be buying Topeak.

Thanks again guys.
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