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Ha - just kidding - thought that would get your attention! No, we didn't bike it, but we did hike it yesterday. If you've done it before, then you know what it's like - all 5300 feet of elevation gain in 3.5 miles of it. If you haven't...well, just go hike that mother! Here's a description of the photos:
1. The view of Borah as you turn off of 93 and onto Birch Springs Rd.
2. Me and JT at one of the camp sites just below the trailhead.
3. Well, this is a big plastic rat at sunrise looking north from the trail towards the northern end of the Lost River Range. What the heck is a big plastic rat doing here? Well, he's kind of the mascot of this bar where my brother works in Norfolk, Virginia called the Colley Cantina. He has randomly traveled around the world - not sure of all the places, but I have heard that he's been to Nepal and the Alamo to name a couple of places. He disappears and then shows up weeks or months later, apparently with photographic evidence of his travels. I thought he would be a good traveling companion for the trek up Borah.
4. At the summit, all 12,662 feet of it, looking south back over the Lost River range.
5. This is the view back from the summit towards highway 93 and the Birch Springs road to the trailhead. The trail is just on the other side of that near ridge in the picture.

(See next post for more the one of the guy hucking off the top on the DH bike!)


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Thanks for the pics!

I did Borah back in '98 or '99...I think '98. Good stuff! Tough, but nothing too hairy. I found Chicken Out to be easily manageable.

We had a group of 3 plus several dogs. The gal that was with us forgot her boots back in Boise and had to do it in Tevas!!!!! :eek: She did make it though. The dogs didn't cross Chicken Out. That last slog up to the top was tough on me...take several steps...stop...take several steps...stop. Ugh. Fun times though!
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