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Hello. I just picked up a Motobecane and I am in the process of switching out parts to get it up to snuff. I already switched the fork, stem, tires, H-bar, pedals, cassette and chainrings as well as a healthy dose of flat black rattle can to get rid of the gross amount of advertising everything seems to come with these days.

I am happy with the result so far except for one thing; the Formula rear hub. This is my first bike in 10 years but, man, that is just unacceptable. I do mostly slow speed stuff, urban and trials, with a bit of trails thrown in so I need something that engages a little quicker, ok a TON quicker. It's been awhile since I've been into biking but even just pittering around I've bit it several times because my body expects that hub to grab faster.

I'd love to just buy a new rear wheel but there doesn't seem to be much out there for 6 bolt, 32-hole with a good hub for a reasonable price (around a hundred bucks). I'm looking at an SLX or XT hub and relacing. The WTB Speeddisc rims that came on the bike are good enough. My question is how do I figure out the spoke size I need? Many moons ago I managed my LBS and I have built a couple sets of wheels but there we had the spokes in stock and I could screw around swapping spokes til I found the right size. Now I'm going to be ordering them so I need to know in advance. Is there some sort of calculator somewhere?
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