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HT+Disk+SS+26" | Frame Choices?

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Just broke another frame. So far I've gone through a Monocog flight and a KHS Solo 1, both of which I was pleased with (until they broke).

I need to rebuild and am willing to rethink.

WTB Speed Disc / Laser Disk (one of each) wheels with Schwalbe Kojaks (full slicks).
Worn out cable disc brakes that need to be replaced with something.

This is my lockup, throw over fences, sidewalk, stairs, bike.
Often carry a rear rack.
<40m trips usually.

Not interested in 29"
Would consider 24"
Want to stay away from suspension and gears.

Suggestions? I know there's still the standard Monocog in SS+Disc+26. Anything else?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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