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HRM During CTS Field Test.

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To those who know about the Carmicheal Training Systems Field Test.

Question: To find average HR during the field test, do you start the HRM throughout the whole test, or only during the two 8 min. intervals?
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I believe the only data being used for future training is the Avg HRM during the 8 minute intervals. The other time is warm-up, rest, and cool don't need HRM data from that. You will calculate training zones from the 8 minute HRM averages.
Thx lowendrick. I also surprisingly got the same answer from the man himself:

What you're looking for is your average heart rate for each of the 8min efforts. This is most easily accomplished with a HRM that has an "average HR" function, meaning it automatically calculates average heart rate for each interval when you start and stop each interval. If your HRM doesn't have an average feature, then yes, clear the HRM before the start of each 8min effort in an effort to isolate the data for just that effort. This is not what you should do on your normal workout days (when you should run the HRM all the time), but in this instance, you want to do what it takes to get the average HR data from the 8min efforts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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