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HPG-1 fpr hub ?

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Back in my days, I just used "grease" on my bike. Now there are plenty to choose and it's confusing me. Can I used HPG-1 grease on my bike's hub bearings? Can I also use it in bottom bracket? What other parts can I use this grease on? Thanks
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Had to look this up...I didn't even know it was a thing.

The shop goes between Crystal Grease (is this made anymore?), Park Polylube, CRC Marine, CRC Brake (high heat for coaster/drum hubs), Klüber Isoflex (suspected re-brand by several industry members), and others. The important thing to note is: it's not particularly important, unless you have some special requirements (the White Lightning stuff doesn't stain, for instance. Good for white bikes).

Personally? I have a tube of Motorex 2000 in my grease gun. I use it because I have it (get the messaging? wink). I've got several other things in the garage that are used in other applications (marine grease, high-temp, high pressure), but the bike doesn't really care. I'm not packing chassis grease in my hub bearings, but that's about as far as I'll stand to make a statement. You would be hard pressed to go wrong using any common NGLI-2 grease on a bicycle.
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