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I used to frequent this forum in 2008-2011 while i was in college and then moved to Colorado from Texas for a year. I had some great memories riding in the mountains and continued to ride in Houston when i moved back home.

I'm sure you all know how things go in life…i got married, started a career, had a child, and bought a dirt bike. The dirt bike satisfied my need for two wheel thrill until i broke my femur in September 2012.

It was about three months of not walking, and then almost six months until i was walking well, and at that time, work was ramping up for me. Then the holidays came around and now work seems to be gearing up, since i'm in the pool industry.

Anyways, i want to start riding again and got my bike freshened up. Just curious, i looked online for new bikes and i am shocked what they cost now. For example, last i looked in 2010 or so, i was looking at getting a FRS Stumpjumper or a Fuel EX. They were between $1,200-2,000. NOW, they are a lot more expensive.

Where should i look for a full-suspension, 2-5" xc or all mountain in that range? Are there any left?
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