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How you might get what you want...

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Well the "Damage" thread was interesting and I've decided rather than just tell folks not to do that type of stuff, I thought I'd give you some suggestions on how I would have handled what folks seemed to think they can just build on their own.

Mind you that at this point the 10%'ers have set themselves back miles with Jim, whereas their impact to the "Legitimate Trail Builders" has fortunately been minimized. But they might be able to recover their validity with him over time. Provided that they follow some suggestions.

I would have first contacted Jim and said "Hey, we would like to build a "Demonstration Project" of what might work when it comes to man made elevated stunts. We were wondering if you would give us permission to design and build a small stunt so that you might see what is potentially possible. It can be anywhere of your choosing, some where out of the way, in a series of boulders where we can show you what we are capable of. We'd love to walk the area with you and provide input on what might make a great site for this project.

When it comes to construction, everything will be done top drawer. We will design the stunt with a solid foundation made of 4X4's anchored into the ground with pilings and post brackets. The construction will utilize truss brackets and have bolted cross members with cross ties to make it a solid framework. All decking will be at least 36" wide for safety and screwed down with outdoor rated screws and bolts. No nails will be used so that it stays solid.

Materials will all be pressure treated to resist the elements and it will be stained to blend in to the terrain as well as possible. The decking will have no more that a 1/2" gap between slats and a non-skid, deck coat. It will not use lath which would potentially lacerate someone if they fell. Once construction is completed we would plant bushes and remediate the area so that it blended in with the natural surroundings.

If you would be so kind as to consider this project we would assure you that we would provide a thorough design for review before construction began and we would follow your direction during all phases of the implementation. We would hope that this "Demonstration Project" would provide you with an idea of what is possible and what we are capable of building. Maybe eventually we could expand this into a full fledged "Freeride Park". In any event, thanks for your consideration."

A couple weeks back, that might have gotten it done... But now, I'm not so sure he'd be open to it. Ya never know. He's very approachable when it comes to these types of ideas. But he may be a bit pissed with how the 10%'ers have in effect dis'ed him.

Something to think about!!!

Here's some more info that might help you discuss what you want with the Land Managers...
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Well put DaGoat.

Maybe a mod will stick this thread so future peeps with any bright ideas will go about it the right way.
Good stuff, Goat. Thank you for taking the time to discuss the situation and provide solutions. I'm sure everyone can appreciate a having open lines of communication more than throwing stones and shouting from rooftops.

I believe that the message is clear and hopefully more people will take the time to develop some rapport with Jim Sattler. He really is a genuinely nice guy who appears to be dedicated to providing recreational opportunities for all trail users. We are extremely lucky...IMO:cool:
Positive Solutions

Thanks for trying to get everyone refocused on the situation and for providing suggestions that could result in positive solutions for the future. Good Job :thumbsup:

It was good to meet you out on the trail a couple of weeks ago.
This is a step in the right direction!
I believe the best time to fix a wrong is immediately after you realize you did something wrong...Having said that.....Lets put Da Goats idea on the table and let Jim evaluate it.
It shows that WE AS A MTB COMMUNITY can fix past mistakes.
Good idea Goat. If we can get Open Space to go along with well planned, solidly constructed features like you described this could make ABQ a model. We don't want to end up like other places _ Tahoe, Idaho, Montana, etc _ where land managers come in and tear stuff down and close trails. With planning starting on the area in the southeastern corner down by the freeway, this could be the perfect opportunity to present some ideas to the city guy for some interesting lines among the boulders. Instead of cutting trail into the hillside and moving boulders, we can use them to our advantage, linking them with bridges, etc. Just something to think about.
Somebody needs to have the open space people take a trip to the country of coloradistan, specificaly to the peoples republic of Boulder. Then they can see what their doing with Valmont bike park.
You got the right idea...

Great post Blandy... :thumbsup: This is how you go about presenting concepts. Check out these plans... this is detailed stuff here!!! task=view& id=7179&Itemid=2615

I'll get this in front of Jim and see what he thinks. Never know, it might develop into something.
open space trails

Since we're talking about trail building with the open space people, I would like to get people thinking about the gutierrez canyon/milne open space. There is a ton of potential trails, from black diamond to cross country, with the added bonus of no motor vehicles. As Jim Sattler is actually easy to work with we can expand the ABQ trail system into 700 plus acres in the east mtns. WooHoo!
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