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How would you remove this

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A while ago I noticed some play in the pivot of my 2001 Ellsworth Isis. It appeared the pivot retaining bolts had loosened. When I attempted to tighten the socket screws with two allen keys. They both spun independtly. Oh sh*t, I broke the pivot pin. I called Ellsworth and the lady on the phone said although she had never heard of anyone breaking this part that it was possible and it should drive out easily. Well that is not the case. I can find no way to remove it. It appears to be a hollow pin, threaded on each end to accept the socket head bolts. then the hollow thins down near the center to about 3/16 of an inch. I have tried driving each side out with no luck.There is not enough material to grab with pliers to pull. I am tempted to ride it till it falls apart. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Jim


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I would try

At the shop we have some screw extractors that might work. They are cheap and you can find them at Ace or Home Depot or Sears. They have saved our butts once or twice. They dig into the screw and allow you to back it out. Maybe it would work in your situation.

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When my chainstay on my truth cracked i tried to remove that same bolt and it was stuck in the bearing good, i was making the pivots spread apart pretty far with the hammer. I was going to press it out myself but it was a warranty issue anyways so i sent the whole frame in. My guess is that they are welded to each other with galvanic action, this has to be a common problem, I'd call them back and ask for a tech's suggestion on how to deal with it and see if its a warranty issue.
First thing I would do is bond/glue an old hex wrench into it and try pulling and turning it out. If that doesnt work, another option that I have used before is to find an American size hex wrench that is a bit larger than the bolt and drive it in. Attach a pair of vice grips to the hex wrench and tap it out with a hammer and turn the bolt as you tap. Geting it hot using a hair dryer before you start tapping it out can help sometimes as well. If the hexwrench is too large to drive into it then grind the flats on it till it will.
Since it is broken

or at least not attached to anything you can pull it out. The trick is with what? There isn't enough there to grab, and, assuming it spins in it's current position I don't think screw extractors will work. Of coure you don't want to pry it out against your frame, either.
At this point I would create something to grab by drilling a hole into the bolt. I would choose the side which seems to want to spin if one side is frozen. I would suggest that you punch a starting mark roughly where the highlight of your image is and drill through to the interior of the socket. Be patient and keep good focus. Run a piece of heavy wire, bailing wire or the like, through the hole and turn it back to you by bending the end, now in the socket. Now you have a good hold on the bolt and can pull it out. Remember that you must remove all loads from this joint first for teh pivot to relax its hold on the bolt.
One of the creepy aspects of such work is you often only have one shot at such a thing. So toss a little lube in there and leave it to soak overnight. Wait until you are good and rested, not fritzed, and be methodical about this.
I always imaging that I am in the on-deck circle doing some practice swings and then stepping up to the plate. If you don't feel right in the batters box, step out and return when you do.
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Jimbo have you gotten this fixed yet?

I say cut the head off one side and press the whole sheebang out the other side
not fixed yet

I can cut the head off with a dremel, but i am sure it will ruin the bearing, but they are common and inexpensive. i am going to ride it today to loosen ot up a little. i am glad it is the number two bike on the depth chart. Will post results. Jim
Ratt said:
I say cut the head off one side and press the whole sheebang out the other side
Yep, I'd say try the above, and if that fails, bring it to a machine shop. Have them weld a washer to the bolt head on the other side, then use a slide hammer/puller for removal.
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