How to ride steep drops with Kirt Voreis

Kirt Voreis has been riding mountain bikes longer than some of you have been alive. The former pro racer first gained notoriety in in the mid-1990s, making waves on the World Cup gravity circuit as a member of the Yeti, Specialized, and Haro teams. But he never loved the cutthroat competition, and by the early 2000s he had mostly moved on to making freeride videos and just having fun.

How to ride steep terrain with Kirt Voreis

Flash forward to present time and not much has changed for Voreis, who continues to ride at a supremely high level. He's also doing his part to help you improve your riding skills. In the three short Niner-sponsored videos below, he goes through the finer points of riding steep drops, riding steep terrain, and doing wall rides. Press play, watch, and learn.

In this short skills video, Kirt Voreis shows body positioning and techniques for riding a mountain bike down drops safely.

In this short video, Kirt Voreis offers body and foot position tips on how to ride a mountain bike down steep terrain.

Kirt Voreis explains how to successfully complete a wall ride on a mountain bike using body position and counter-steering.

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