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Here's what I would have done:

Buddy shows me his kid's new "enduro" fat bike
"You got the wrong bike for your kid. Go get the right bike."
Hey, mind if I grab a cold one from the frig before I leave? Thanks.

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Wow! Amazing how much love you can get on one post and how much hate on another ;-P
  • I could not google the info as Surly took it off their website. So, I went to my pro LBS.
  • The head of the service dept inspected rim and tire and looked up on internet and said he found it (not on Surly's website, but it is reasonable to believe the LBS has access to better info than me both online and experience with rims and tires)
  • He said I could do it easily with his kit if I followed his instructions. This was seriously erroneous info, just as his info on the rim and tire were erroneous.
  • I did the work outside. But if you try for hours to inflate a tire that is incompatible with the system and is full of sealant you will get sealant all over the place which you would not do if you had the correct parts.
  • For those who missed the humor about the couch I guess you believe in Smurfs too?? I am not sure if everyone should have a beer before reading posts or drink less beer before reading posts, but I thought I was being OBVIOUSLY tongue in cheek when I included the murder scene of said Smurf, apologies if some believed a Smurf had been injured in the writing of this post.
since when is the manufacturers website the only source of info?
on your fourth point. why did you have a white leather couch outside? or else that was one hell of an explosion to get sealant inside your house from outside
61 - 66 of 66 Posts