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how to Paint Yakima Steelheads?

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I was going to buy 2 new RocckMounts to go with my new Yakima Q system for my new(to me) Golf Tdi....but why not just paint these ancient, functional racks?

Anyone have experience doing this...spray paint?

Whats the Yakima red? Best to take the entire thing apart?
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I have to repaint my Yakima ski racks after each season. The original paint started peeling off with the slush and ice at the car wash. I doubt if Yakima ever used a proper primer. That being said, I just buff the surface , clean, degrease, and repaint with a rattle can. I mask off everything not being painted of course. They are flat black so it was easy to match. Comes out looking pretty good but doesn't last more than a season usually. Ice and slush freezes to the paint and in the carwash the ice pulls the paint. Bike rack shouldn't have that problem so rattlecan job should last a long time.
Im not sure what kind of paint those racks use but I would sand down the paint that was on it, or use a paint remover, clean with a degreaser like above said then spray primer and paint. I cant imagine it being too hard.. tedious maybe, if your gonna sand it, but at least myself I would rather take awhile to do something right the first time then have to go back a few months down the road and fix it again...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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