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2021 Giant Trance X 29 2
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Not sure if there's a better place to post this so let me know if I should cross-post it somewhere else.
I picked up an MRP AMG chain guide/bash guard for my '21 Trance X 29-2, but this should work for both the 29-1 and 29-3 since the rear squish is the same. I figured this out tonight and wanted to pass it along.

This 'seems' like an easy task (three Allen bolts and some spacer washers) but getting to the top mounting hole of the ISCG-05 mount is really hard because the rear suspension gets in the way, unless you have the hands of a 3-year old.

First off, watch this video:
(Notice that the rear suspension on that bike has a ton of room for him to slip his fingers in and place the washer. He even says that mounting these screws can sometimes be an 'interesting scenario'.) This is the hard part on the Giant Trance. I will explain:
The chain guide comes with two sets of spacer washers, 3 @ 2.5mm and 6 @ 1mm.
Don't use the 2.5mm washers because they cause the chain to press on the inside of the chain guide. The 1mm washers work perfectly. Just one per screw hole. Make sure you are placing these washers between the frame and the chain guide mounting plate.
Using some blue loctite, I was able to install the two lower screws and washers pretty easily. It was the top washer and screw that took some figuring out.
With the bike standing up (I don't have a repair stand so it was just leaning against my workbench), sitting on the floor, it is impossible to wrangle the 1mm washer behind the chain guide and aligned with the hole. I must have dropped this washer about 15 times before I said 'there has to be a better way'.
I setup some cushions in my garage and was able to lay the bike down, with a white towel under the crank area.
This totally allowed me to work the washer into the correct position and get the bolt into the hole.
Once you get them all snug, you'll see that the alignment with the chain guide is good - you just need to adjust the vertical guide marker in accordance to your crank to allow for 3mm of clearance. Good luck!
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