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depending on hubs, axles can be a huge variety of types. Some hubs will have an axle that is threaded on the ends and no threads in the middle, some might have a step up to brace against the bearings, etc.

Generally loose bearing hubs, like shimano will have a threaded axle through the whole hub but there can be differences between brands with the thread pitch even.

If you have a nutted axle and want to convert to a QR axle you should contact the company that makes them and order the correct axle. Then you simply or not so simply depending on your mechanical skills take the old hub apart and replace the nutted axle with a QR axle.

I recently did this on a surly nutted front hub and replaced it with a shimano QR front hub axle. It was the same thread pitch and worked with the sealed bearings of the surly hub. That said I was luck there that surly uses the standard shimano pitch axles in their hubs. Had it been formula or some other brand I might have had to order an axle from them which could be a pain.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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