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How to lighten the rear of GT Peace

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I have a GT peace that I have made the following upgrades to:

Manitou Drake 80mm Fork
Truvativ Stylo 1.1 cranks
Specialized Front Wheel/hub(From a crosstrail)- got it for $40 after i bent the stock one
Avid BB7 in the front
Speed dial levers

My problem is the rear of the bike seems really heavy. Any tips or suggestions to lighten it up? I have to run rim brakes in the back because there are no disc mounts on the frame.

Are there any light single speed (rim brake) wheels? It currently has WTB dual duty rim with a GT single speed hub. Would new tires and a tubless set-up lose any wieght?

Is it a worthy upgrade?
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I am guessing the rear wheelset is a tank. I would say to save your money because you would have to spend a ton of money to get the bike remotely light. Kenda small block 8's are super light but you DEFINITELY will be sacrifcing traction
aside from building a new wheel tubeless and lighter tires could account for some rolling weight loss. That said it probably wouldn't be that much although it would more than likely be noticeable in the pedals.

Depending on tire you could probably lose 100gr of rotating mass alone, the tubeless conversion would likely be a wash.
New rear wheel

Looks like I may end up getting a new rear wheel. Any thoughts on a light rim brake single speed wheel?
go custom. i use a Salsa Delgado Cross rim on my Peace....really a mtb rim, so don't worry about Cross being in the name...the list weight is 515g vs 630 for the WTB Dual Duty.

Lighter tire + ghetto tubeless + lighter wheel = up to 300g lighter! shaving almost a lb off your rear wheel is a difference you should feel!
Surly Hubs + Salsa Rims

Do you think Surly hubs + the Salsa delgado cross rims are a good combination?

Are you running tubeless with the cross rims? If so what kit did you use?

Sounds like a decent upgrade. Maybe get a small block eight too
That's actually the combo I use....rock solid and an easy rear wheel to build as you don't have to worry about the dish. All my tubeless setups are the 'ghetto' method using a hacked inner tube.

IMO the small block 8 sucks as a rear tire! Maxxis Ignitor f & r has been the best all around choice for me.w
Sun Equalizer 29

I saw the Sun Equalizer on Speedgoat and it weighs 430 grams. Is this a decent rim?

May go for this:

Surly New SS rear hub 32hQR $72 345grams vs 450grams - GT SS Hub
Sun Equalizer Rim $33 430grams vs 630grams - WTB Dual Duty
Maxxis Ignitor 29 $38 705grams vs 825grams - WTB Exiwolf

total savings of 425 grams for about $143 + spokes and assembly cost
I ran a Hope Multi-speed hub/Delgado rim/Champion spokes with a Bontrager tire on my Peace. Dropped mucho grams and no problems. That said, my front was a Salsa CX rim/Dura Ace hub and it's also running true and relatively light.
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