Shelter in place is a difficult time for many but there is a way to make this time useful to get ready for the good times ahead of us. And instead of pursuing the quest to manual downhill to impress your crew, how about something more attainable and a lot more useful. The ability to track stand, pivot your bike, and hop your bike up steps is invaluable. And Jeff Lenosky has the background to break down these skills into very achievable basics. This set of skills compliment each other too so it's useful to learn them together and combine them when the situation calls for it.

Times are tough right now. It's a delicate balance between wanting to improve on your bike and doing it safely. I decided this is a perfect time to put together a video with some skills and drills that you can do at home or close to it. Check it out, try them out and be ready to ride better than ever when you hit the trails.

--Jeff Lenosky--