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How to identify a top pull / top swing derailleur?

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I'm looking at getting a new front derailleur, but need to get a top pull top swing derailleur as I'm told. I found this online,

and it only says its top pull, how can I tell if it is also a top swing?

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that is a down swing ... see here ... the clamp is at the top

you need this one ... the clamp is at the bottom
ah ok, so if the clamp is above the derailleur that is a down swing

how can i quickly identify if its a top pull or not?

thanks for the help
Shimano uses a top or bottom pull design so it doesnt matter ... just route the cable to proper way for your frame
ah is this true for older shimano xt/xtr derailleurs?

i'm looking to get this, i need a 34.9, top swing, top pull derailleur, this should do it?
yes that uses the multi pull setup and you will need to remove the shim provided with it to mount it - the shim allows it to be used with smaller seat tubes
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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