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how to get sponsored ?

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my friends and i are kind of bright eyed and all that tail stuff. but we dont know how to go about getting a sponsor. we want race, and we dont care that much what kind of riding. who might sponsor an up and coming team? we live in san diego, and will race anywhere near by. :D
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Enter every local event of a specific platform of competition. Win as many as possible. Get your name out there, and wish for the best.

Sponsership = huge devotion
ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: It's not easy or else everybody would be doing it and if you have to ask how it happens, you're not ready... Repeat this as necessary…
Several things, doing some research on my own about it

the mtn man said:
my friends and i are kind of bright eyed and all that tail stuff. but we dont know how to go about getting a sponsor. we want race, and we dont care that much what kind of riding. who might sponsor an up and coming team? we live in san diego, and will race anywhere near by. :D
you have to win, locally or be on the podium, you have to have an engaging personality(that goes a long way) even more than winning. Learn to train and to lose and comeback. Need to learn to right your own proposal to get sponsored, many companies have specific dates and formats to submit applications for sponsorship. The best way is to emailing them asking a simple question where, when and to who do you send your proposal to.

Remember the proposal needs to be profesional looking, always ask for specific things or/and amounts. Nothing to crazy, start with companies that are bike related then after you get a few you can move to the non bike related ones.

Im doing all of this right now, for an event that I'm promoting you get good results if you do your homework. You will be turned down, I mean they wont give you the time of day, but others are very good. So start to do your homework. ;)
I've got to agree with the above. And this is from an industry insider. Get the podium. Not once. Not twice. And not beginner classes. The number of race resumes that have hit my trash can is amazing. If I see the words beginner class on a majority of the wins or if I don't see any top ten finishes in big races - plunk, circular file.

Start with a local shop, or restaurant, or business. Friends of friends works well here. And be loyal to those that sponsor. Then look at the energy food companies and be happy if they send you a case of their product to use. Get them on your jersey and then send them results and pictures of team members on the podium. The next year you might get two cases, but again, be thankful because they don't HAVE to give you anything.

It is easier to get team sponsorship than individual. Most companies want to spread their advert dollars and it is much better to have 20 jerseys with a sponsors name then one or two. But the team should be able to post good results across the board. Not just one rider that can grab the podium almost every time out but a bunch of people that can grab the podium. Maybe not every person at every race but a wide varity of riders in different classifactions posting good results week in and week out.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the reality is there are thousands of you looking for a ride. The best way to get one is with a big thumb. Train to race, race to train. (but don't forget: Train to win. Race to win!)

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you guys are saying that i need to finish well in lost of races, but where? is there some series that i should be racing in, or do i just race in whatever i can find locally?
My suggestion to you and any up coming racer is that you race everything that you can find! The bigger the races the better, but MTB racing has slacked over the years. I would think in the San Diego area there must be a sports publication that lists events. Pick one up and get thee to a race! Start attending as many events as you can. Talk to people on some teams and find a group that you like and that you think you could ride with, train with, and just hang with. Join that team. Learn how to race (it is not just a matter of going fast - although that is a big part of it) and move yourself up through the ranks!

If the National Off Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) is strong in your area you may need to purchase a license to race. Don't complain! You don't want to know what insurance runs to cover a race!

Find a bike shop with people that race. Ask them. If you join a team that is sponsored by a bike shop they may give you a discount on parts. Buy your stuff there even if you can get a better deal on line. Bike shops are not making any money on you, but they hope that you will tell people that the shop is cool and a great place to buy a bike.

If you are on a team that is sponsored by a shop, don't hang out at the shop and expect to get special treatment when they are busy. And don't expect the tech's in the shop to drop everything and adjust your derailleur the night before a race. In other words don't abuse your sponsor.

Do a few races before you even start this process. Racing is fun but training is time consuming and if you really want to be good you are going to have to ride a lot, lift weights a lot, and ride a lot more. Get a training program started. I will help you, if you want, with a beginners training program. E me at tad at bodyscanningcrm dot com.

Having said all that you can race in the lower classes and just have a good time. That is what I did for years. I could have moved up but I really didn't want to spend that much time training. Now I just do a race every once in a while, see old friends, laugh a lot, and not get up tight if I don't finish in the top ten.


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Cool thanks a lot tad. i hope to get started soon. i found a good website for southern california mountain biking. its appropriately named:
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