As you sit in the hospital emergency room waiting for the damage report thoughts race through your head like, "Why me?" and "How did it happen?" Then you wonder, "How much will this cost?", "Will I ever ride well again?"

One thing constant with high-level mountain biking is crashes will happen. There's just so many variables that the 'unplanned get-off' will eventually happen. Some deal with it every few weeks, others every few years.

Seth's Bike Hacks chronicles the journey of his friend Alex as he gets injured repeatedly and loses confidence and flow. The path back to redemption if often not an easy one.

Some folks leave the sport forever and some tune down their riding and to 'eliminate' most risks. But we're most interested in enthusiasts and lifestyle folks where quitting is the last option. How do you get back on the horse and enjoy the sport at the same level and progress well beyond that?

Alex of Singletrack Sampler presents the first person view of going back to the scene of the crime and conquering past crash demons.

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