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This was mentioned in another thread but apparently I didn't post the final solution. I'm posting this because I get a steady amout of emails asking what I did to solve the problem. I tried to include all the keywordsd people might use in the title to make it easy to find.

1. Take the left cap (on top of the left stanchion) off using a hex wrench

2. Remove the ball bearings and springs that are underneath the ball bearings

3. Stretch the springs out a tiny bit. If you stretch them out too much its going to make reassembly very difficult. You only need to make them 1/16" or so longer than they were before.

4. Reassemble the U-turn mechanism

5. Go ride your bike

You may have to repeat this procedure again in 6 months or so. I've had to do this 2x in 1.5 years. Also, there is room for more springs and ball bearings. My fork came with 3 of them, so adding more will also help.
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