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How often do you true your wheels?

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Like the title says, how often do you guys true your wheels? My wheels become untrue after a few light bunny hops. Is this normal?


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It's not normal. A well built wheel can take much more abuse and still stay true. Are those the wheels that came with a bike? Usually, those are machine-built and should be checked by the shop before it leaves. If you got the wheels built for you, go back to the builder and complain... then never get wheels built by the same builder again.
Not all wheels are equal. Some wheels are a little more beefier than others, able to take a lot more beating.

That being said, though, wheels should not go out of true that quickly, as Dan Gerous pointed out. I ride moderate XC, taking some good hits on rock gardens, and never had to true my wheels.

If you are constantly truing your wheels, your rim(s) maybe warped and need to be replaced (or new wheelset?).

Just my thoughts....
Thanks guys! The wheels are the ones that came with the bike. Guess I'll be heading to my LBS again..... :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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