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I am in the market for a used 5 Spot (complete build) and was wondering how much you would be willing to pay for one. I scraped up $2700 and I can't to see to find one anywhere. I don't want to buy new because it will put me in the $3200 range plus tax (at the least), $2700 is my budget. I'm Looking for a small or medium (preferebly small) any color and any build kit. Any leads or info would be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance.

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MartinReyes said:
Any leads or info would be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance.
With a little patience and persistance you should be able to piece together a full used Spot for $2700. Just keep your eyes peeled on the MTBR Classifieds and Ebay, checking them both daily. You may need to purchase the frame and parts seperately. Also make an inventory of the part you currently have that you can use, a great way to save.

And if you haven't check with Larry (aka Ventanarama) with Mnt. High Cyclery you should. His pricing is so competitive that he just might be able to work something out in your price range.

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One reference point...

I just came home with my "used" 5 Spot this past Sunday that I bought from another board member. The bike had never been ridden, and was spec'd as follows:

Large w/Romic
Vanilla R
Mavic X719/XT Disc Hubs/Geax Sturdy tires
Avid Mechanicals
LX cranks
Thomson stem/seatpost
Easton EA-50 bars
XT front derailleur
SRAM X.7 rear derailleur
SRAM X.7 trigger shifters
SRAM chain/cassette
Cane Creek S2 headset
WTB Pure V saddle

I paid $2500, so yes, it can be done for under your budget of $2700.

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