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How much would you pay for a 2001 Specialized S-Works M4?

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Hi All,

Here's a question for ya: How much would you pay for a 2001 Stumpjumper S-Works M4 with Manitou Mars CL shocks/fork, XTR V-brakes, shifters and derailers, and Cane Creek Crono wheels? It is in very good condition with some cosmetic damage to the paint on the frame with a small nick. No rust or problems with the bike.

I am thinking about selling it and would like to know what people think it might be worth.

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I should add that it also has been tuned up recently
I paid $400 for a 99 S-works M4. It was stock but for the CF bars, new tubeless tires, and a new XTR cassette and chain. I would ask $500 and see what happens. Man I love this bike. You should turn yours into a single speed and keep it!
I would be very surprised if there was any rust on the frame lol
I'm thinking $700 with the tune up and the wheels... What ya think?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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