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How much would u pay for this used bike?

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hi guys..

i am planning to get this bike..but alittle unsure if it's a good buy

owner says 2600sgd is the lowest he will go

what do u guys think?

thinking of either getting the above or a brand new stock scale 40 which is about the same pricing where i come from...need some feedback.

thks guys
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I don't know if you'll get much help on this one, you might post in the Scott and Cannondale forums, and include links to the websites for those bikes. I'd lean toward the Scott, new parts and a warranty, but the Cannondale is pretty unique. Depends on what you want.
I'll do a rough estimate:
-fork. headset 550
-frame 200
-wheels ~500
-Crank 150
-cassette 50 (optimistic, can't make out assume XT)
-chain, derailleurs 150 (assume X9 rear XT front)
-shifters 100
-handlebar, seatpost, stem 150
-brakes 450
-pedals 50
-saddle 50
total=2400 american. so pretty close to the claimed 3.5k spent
wouldn't say it's a bad deal if stuff are in like new condition. I'd request detailed specs of the bike and check it out in person to see if there's anything wrong with it.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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