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I have a heavy 2004/5 Klein Attitude V Disc that I'd like to put on a diet. I think it weighs about 27lbs stock in a large size. I want a light XC machine (sub 23-24lbs). So, I'm starting with the wheelset, saddle and post:

The Klein has Bontrager Race Disc tubeless wheels (NOT Race Lite). I can't find a confirmed weight at weightweenies for this wheelset. The tires are Klein Deathgrip 2.35".

I am replacing this heavy set with a DT 240s disc/DT comp/ DT 4.1d wheelset 28h/32h est. @ 1540g/set.

About how much weight will I lose with this set-up?

What recommendations for lightweight tires? (I'm pretty sure the new wheelset is not tubeless). I've been looking at the Nobby Nics, Hutchinson Spiders and a few more. Anybody know where I can buy an old school 1.9" Conti Cross Country folding tire?

The post is a Thomson Elite. Saddle is a Flite.

What should I replace next to get the most weight loss? Crankset is Bontrager Race... switch to XTR? Switch out bars and stem? Get rid of the Hayes HFX-9 brakes for some Avids/Formulas/XTRs?

Thanks for helping out!

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get a scale. a digital fishing scale with ~40 lb capacity can be had for like 20 bucks.

you'll prolly lose a pound or more with the wheels. more for tires and light tubes. although personally, i wouldn't skimp too much on tires. get a set with good bite and float in the 500 gram range and lose dead weight first.

what are your other parts?

rear der?

you already removed the reflectors, kickstand, spoke guard?

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Wow. I was hoping the wheelset would lower it by 1/2-3/4 lbs. Closer to a full lb would be great. Once the wheels get here, I'll compare the weights at the post office.

The bike has a mix of LX/XT and Bontager Select and Race parts.
My last Klein was a 1997 Attitude and was maybe 22-23lbs with a heavy Bomber z-2 fork. This new-ish 2005 Klein is a total pig, very unklein-like.

I'd like to lose some weight without resorting to bolt kits and tuning the small parts.

I don't think it made it out of the LBS with the reflectors and dork disc still on.

Here's what it came with: The only things I've changed are the saddle and post. I added short carbon fiber barends for XC climbing. I'm old school.

fork--- Rock Shox Duke Race, 80mm with Motion Control
headset--- Aheadset, semi-cartridge
crankset--- Bontrager Race, 44/32/22t w/ISIS
bottom bracket--- Bontrager, ISIS splined
derailleurs (f/r)--- Shimano Deore LX | Shimano Deore XT SGS
shifters--- Shimano Deore LX
chain--- Shimano HG-53
wheel system--- Bontrager Race Disc
tires--- Klein Deathgrip folder 2.35 / UL tube
cassette--- SRAM PG-950, 11-34t, 9-speed
brakes--- Hayes HFX-9 HD hydraulic disc
brake levers--- Hayes HFX-9 HD
handlebars--- Bontrager Select Butted Alloy, 600mm Black
stem--- Bontrager Race Forged Alloy Black
seatpost--- Now a Thomson Elite, was Bontrager Select Alloy, 31.6mm OD
saddle---Now a Flite, was Bontrager Select ATB
grips--- Klein Instinct

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get a cheap scale. knowing what you have makes it so much easier to decide on what you need.

that said, the bars, stem, cassette, fork and tires look like good candidates for binning.

2.35 tires are huge. probly lose a good half pound or more there.
the duke is what, 4.5 lbs? lose an lb going with an r7 for cheap.
do you really need a 34 tooth cog? going to a 28 or 30 should drop a 1/4 lb or so.
"select" is bontrager's lowest end components. i guess "select" sounds better than "crap". "race" is only a step up and sounds better than "profit margin".

yeah, 27 lbs for a klein... that's pretty trekked up.
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