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How much more do you pay to support the LBS?

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I try to support my LBS (locally owned) when ever I can. I do make some purchases at online retailers or ebay. Just curious how more you all knowingly pay at the LBS to support a local business?
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I buy all my accessories/cheap stuff at my LBS, they have the most markup and paying a couple bucks more for things I buy a lot (Tubes, CO2 cartridges and other small goods), Is fine by me but my LBS wanted $159 for Crank Bros Mallet 2s.... Online $98 with shipping. So it's a give and take if I can save substantial money buying elsewhere I do, plus you cant get your rims trued online:thumbsup:
Things that I need help on, getting the fork rebuilt, or just finding a good comfortable pair of shorts or shoes, I go the the local shop.
Things like pedals, grips, replacement brake etc, I get online since I put them on myself anyways.
If I need something minor and it's between me and a ride that day, I'll buy at one of my LBSes.
If not, I rock the internet.

Same sentiment goes for wrenching, I do all that I can myself, take it on only as a last resort.
If I wanted to buy anything other than tubes, I'd be paying about %60-70 more than online.
If they can get in the ballpark, that's good enough for me. My primary LBS is on the other side of the country, which is unfortunate. They are a Hope dealer and specialized in all high end **** and have real pro-level guys working there. THey're one of the few that actually gives a **** in this country about providing service.

There's a local shop that my girlfriend uses, and despite being connected to a website, they work like a small, independent shop and the guy that runs it actually gives a **** and always gives her great advice. They are way better than most of the other independents here and flexible, a must in the business.

SO if they can meet in the middle, or come somewhere in the ballpark, I go to the LBS. I think meeting in the middle is worth it, many times.
I hardly even step foot in there, even for tubes and lubes. I've bought one thing I think in the past year, and that was a chainring which was 10 dollars overpriced. I got it right away, but honestly I could have waited 3 days and paid less online even with shipping.
I think I break even. I can get pretty good deals at either of the shops I go to. Both shops don't hesitate to offer me take-offs or older stock at great price. I figure many of the discount items online are overstock or take-offs anyway.

It depends on the price and my need. I got a better deal on my cross check at the LBS than by ordering the frame online. If they can meet in the middle, I support them. They give our club a discount on everything and if you go when certain people are working, you get great service.
i go there for service, and i buy from them if its within $1-5 more than what i can pay online. think of it as $5 for immediate shipment.

my lbs doesn't even stock half the things i want, but what they did have was Armadillo Tires a pair for $60 and i got those from them. They also ripped me off on a RS Recon SL Fork for $272 after tax. i realized little after that they run for about $200 flat online.
I buy just about everything on-line but just recently I needed a 32t Chain ring and picked one up locally for $36, coulda' got one on line for $34...I consider that a wash.

Also recently I needed some cleats and a local shop had them for $38:eekster: . I said fuk dat and ordered them on line for $22.
What did your shipping cost on your cleats though?

Mine is routinly 7-10 dollars so there $29-32 id spend the extra 10 bucks to have em in my hand instead of waiting and (perhaps) missing a ride
Your LBS is like any other business in that you should vote with your money. If their service is good then buy there. Even if you have to pay a little more. If the the service is not good or if they appear kind of slippery, go elsewhere.

I've always heard you should buy a bike based on the shop as much as the brand.

Bike shops are not always that far apart from on-line or mail order on price. The on-line and mail order places don't always discount a particular item. Also, shipping is usually higher on-line or mail order than it really needs to be as most of those places appear to use shipping as a profit center.

Even if your LBS is great and deserves your unwavering support, I feel it's OK to "bottom fish" for sale items on line or at mail order places. Sometimes buying something heavily discounted on line or mail order is the difference between being able to upgrade or do without.

Never, never, ever try on clothing at your LBS and then go and buy it on-line or mail order. That is a really crappy thing to do.
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My LBS is 120 miles round trip , still I make approx. half of my purchases there .
I am willing to pay a premium for skilled labor.
Wheel building and suspension servicing are best from a trustworthy shop.

All other minor tune ups and simple parts i seek out the best price online.
I do all of my basic building and maintenance.
I try to use my LBS for as much as possible! Yeah it cost me more on most items, but it pays off in the long run! If I need some ASAP or quick repairs, they always take care of it for me. Most repairs cost only parts or minimal labor. They don't treat everyone like this, but they know the people who are willing to pay a bit more. Here's the best example! I recenlty got new carbon bars for my roadie. My LBS charged me $200. No a terrible price and I could have gottent them online, but I bought them at the BS. I'm also in the process of getting a new frame for my roadie and they are going to help me save a boatload of cash! Can't say exactly how much, but the $25 or $30 I could have saved on the bars has been paid back multiple times over!

A good relationship with your LBS is key, but it's a two way street! You have to make sacrifices for them and they for you!
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I will pay nothing extra to support a store. I will pay extra to support local manufacturing.
My friends and I only get small-tag parts from our LBS like cables, housing, top caps, tubes, patch kits, you know the drill. Anything big we usually hit up pricepoint and all those trusty places. However any time someone is expressing interest in getting a new bike we send them to our trusty LBS. Earlier this semester we brought them almost $1400 of business (two brandy new Fisher Wahoos ) within a week of our general interest meeting for the semester. They usually give us a break on sales tax for low-price items; in exchange we just may show up right before close with a 12-pack of wholesome Sammy Adams brewskis to lubricate the relationship.
My LBS takes such good care of me I never buy from an online retailer, the only place I buy other than my LBS is ebay for some used stuff. And I have another shop about 45mins away that takes great care of me too, I buy my Santa Cruz stuff there since my LBS doesnt carry them.

At my LBS I can walk in and borrow tools, ask for help, and I don't think I've ever paid for labor. I wish everybody had a LBS like the one I go to. However I am loyal and spend a decent chunk of cash regularly so that helps I guess. :thumbsup:
floxy said:
I try to support my LBS (locally owned) when ever I can. I do make some purchases at online retailers or ebay. Just curious how more you all knowingly pay at the LBS to support a local business?
I really don't pay much more at all. Everything I have purchased is either the same price or within a buck or two of online. Also I have payed dramatically less for both Mountain bikes I have purchased (bought of year models) and the same price as some of the huge superstores on the other bikes.

He also gives me a break on labor and repair costs. The trick is I have never demanded a break and I am a frequent and loyal customer. We have also become friends and are in the same cycling club. But that has come from becoming a good customer and he is a great guy on top of it.

I know there are some shops where the owners are completely different than mine, but they tend to be in big cities/popular destinations where a guy who is a dick still gets business because of location or population density.
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