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How much for full service on brain shock ?

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problem - Tried to adjust the brain yesterday and it now only has 8 clicks and doesn't even turn a full revolution. Its stuck in the very firm end of the adjustment.

If you've had the full service done what did you pay ?

As per the usual, none of the 3 spec. dealers in my area had any idea of how much this cost and none of them knew anything about spec. having refurbed units in stock for quick turnaround (per specialized susp. tech in another thread).

Shop 1 - Dinky shop with 16 y.o old employees - "We do that here. It should cost about $150". (I guess they have a nitrogen tank ?)
Shop 2 - "I have no idea, no ones ever asked for that. If the brain doesn't work you have to buy a new one."
Shop 3 - Specialized concept store - "I dunno dude, its probably somewhere between $50 and $100 plus shipping both ways. They don't have any exchange shocks - it takes a few weeks. I'd have to call monday".

You know, buying a bike from a company that actually makes maintenance items and small parts easily available is looking very attractive right now. Need a bolt for an Ibis or santa cruz ? Right on their website. Need one for a specialized fsr ? Go to a dealer and hear "We'll find out what it costs when it gets here. AND you're paying shipping even though we're making a profit. AND we don't know how long it will be. AND your warranty is void if we don't put it on the bike (for a fee of course)."

Getting pretty sick of this crap. Might just put an RP23 on it for $220.
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One of the guys at our shop just sent his fox brain from his 04 epic in for service and it set him back $150 (he asked about a new one and they quoted him $350) may be cheaper though because he tried to service it himself, and he tore the entire shock apart not really knowing what he was getting himself into. So I am sure they had to do some work the the shock that they do not normally need to do if you know what i mean.
$150 sounds about right...had mine serviced this past summer.
anyone know how much for the future shock full service/rebuild?
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